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Oregonartists.org is a free community resource for Oregon Artists. There are no fees and there is no paid advertising. Here you can get a free, fully customizable WordPress blog/gallery site (oregonartists.org/username) that you can use to display your art, keep the public informed on your artistic process and network with other artists. Also, upon request, you can have an @oregonartists.org email address.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a painter, glassblower, writer or choreographer. Anyone who lives and creates in Oregon is eligible. Sign up now to start reaping the benefits, and help build a community of Oregon artists.

Are you a seller of art supplies, gallery owner or talent agent?

Providers of resources for Oregon Artists (retailers/wholesalers of art supplies, galleries, agents, etc.) can advertise for free (maximum display ad size 400W x 200H) on the Resources page. Artists are always looking for resources, and may be interested in reviewing your products and services and recommending them to fellow artists.