Welcome, Oregon Artists

10:05 pm in Uncategorized by Moon Rabbit

I’ve owned the domain oregonartists.org for a few years now, and always intended to put up a community resource site for Oregon Artists. At first I tried to make a Content Management System (CMS) from scratch, but at this point I don’t think anything I could do would approach the level of sophistication available from a free CMS-like tool such as WordPress. All well and good, but what finally spurred me to actually put up the site? I got an email from godaddy that the domain “oregonartists.com” was available!

For $3000!

It occurred to me that I’m wasting some potential here. While the domain squatter’s asking price may be ludicrous, there is some value in the name. Similarly, another variation on “oregonartists” is owned by a web design company that is charging $475 for a bare-bones site design. In my experience, artists that are truly driven to create, either can create their own design or don’t need a professional design to showcase their art. If artists could come to the site, put up their own gallery and network with other local artists, for free, I think that would be a worthwhile venture.

Yeah, I’m paying for the domain name(s) (oregonartist.org also) and the hosting. No paid advertising. No paid blog posts. It doesn’t cost me thousands of dollars a year to maintain the site. I don’t intend for this to be “the next Facebook” or any other moneymaking scheme. Just a resource for Oregon Artists.

Artists will be able to have a gallery and blog, and post in the forums to share experiences and resources with other artists. If you want to change the design on your pages, you’re free to do so. Everything is in WordPress, so if you can figure it out, you’re good to go.


So sign up, post on the forums, and let’s get this party started. And for Pete’s sake, somebody come up with a decent header image showcasing some Oregon Art.