Hey Thinkers,
Welcome to my hilarious blog. Here you will meet a bunch of crazy folks that live inside my head. Mostly hateful, nasty critters, but they do make a decent point here and there.
I have one major rule (followed by an ever-expanding pantheon of minor ones): NO PERSONAL ATTACKS.
Think, disagree, argue. Don't be an asshole. My characters will take care of that. Cuss all you want but speak coherently and please proofread your comments.
These things will help you not only look smarter but help you to be taken seriously.
I welcome everyone to choose a side and rebut, refute, bandy, and bicker. Have fun with it.
Enjoy the show.

I Am Your Weapon

David, You Do The Work

Here is a podcast from my good pal, David Agranoff. I thought you might enjoy something, after months and months of jack shit. Don’t worry friends. A couple more months of jack shit are coming up. Ole Langhorne needs to get to the shop and have his innards rearranged and whatnot.
I promise to be back as soon as I can. ‘Til then, please enjoy David Agranoff reading his story, “Bobby Joe, Intergalactic War Hero”.

Podcast – iamyourweapon

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